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Salawats on Prophet


Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani
Friday/Eid Khutbah - Lefke Cyprus
Recorded: Friday, Jul 02, 2010
Added to site: Saturday, Jul 03, 2010

German TV Interview
Tuesday, Jun 01, 2010
The Infinite Power Oceans in Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem
Wednesday, Jun 02, 2010
The Worst Characteristic Is to Say, "I Am Here"
Thursday, Jun 03, 2010
No Drop Is Unhappy to Reach the Ocean
Friday, Jun 04, 2010
Video Clip Shaykh Nazim Meeting with Pope Benedict XVI
Saturday, Jun 05, 2010
We Were Not Created to Kick a Ball Around
Sunday, Jun 06, 2010
I Sit As the Servant Sits and I Eat As the Servant Eats
Monday, Jun 07, 2010
O Muslims! Keep to Our Traditional Ways
Tuesday, Jun 08, 2010
What Does Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Say About NurMuhammad.com?
Wednesday, Jun 09, 2010
Ask Your Lord for More, and He Will Give
Wednesday, Jun 09, 2010
Do You Ride Your Ego, or Does It Ride You?
Thursday, Jun 10, 2010
Guidance for First of Rajab and Beyond
Friday, Jun 11, 2010
"Give for Me, Not to Me"
Saturday, Jun 12, 2010
In Everything There Is a Sign Indicating the Lord's Oneness
Sunday, Jun 13, 2010
Islam Is Not Rooted within Four Walls!
Monday, Jun 14, 2010
What Is the Qutb al-Mutassarif?
Tuesday, Jun 15, 2010
Heavenly Winds Gives Us Real Life
Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010
Laylatul Raga'ib from Lefke
Thursday, Jun 17, 2010
Why the Naqshbandi Tariqah is called “Most Distinguished”
Thursday, Jun 17, 2010
Khatm in Lefke
Thursday, Jun 17, 2010
Ask For Divine Grants and Avoid Crises
Thursday, Jun 17, 2010
We Are Commanded to Love Ahlu 'l-Bayt
Friday, Jun 18, 2010
Hadrah with Sultan and Shaykh Hisham
Friday, Jun 18, 2010
O Muslims! Return to the Islamic Ways!
Friday, Jun 18, 2010
O Doctors of Shari`ah, Cure Your Patients!
Saturday, Jun 19, 2010
Secrets of Pope Benedict’s Visit
Sunday, Jun 20, 2010
The Duty of Muslim Scholars Is to Guide Muslims to the Sunnah of Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam
Monday, Jun 21, 2010
What Caused the Humiliation of the Muslim World
Tuesday, Jun 22, 2010
Islam Does Not Need “Modernity”
Wednesday, Jun 23, 2010
Why There Is No Unity
Thursday, Jun 24, 2010
Whose Two Days are the Same Will Regret
Thursday, Jun 24, 2010
Wear Turbans and Be in Safety
Friday, Jun 25, 2010
The Greatness of Sayyidina Muhammad Is Indescribable
Friday, Jun 25, 2010
Truth Has Come and Falsehood Has Perished!
Saturday, Jun 26, 2010
We Are Commanded to Be Soft with People
Sunday, Jun 27, 2010
Our Real Identity Will Leave Us Stunned, Bewildered!
Monday, Jun 28, 2010
Clean Yourself for the Divine Invitation
Tuesday, Jun 29, 2010
Your Lord Wants Ease and Comfort for You
Wednesday, Jun 30, 2010
"As My Companions Are Like Stars, I Am Like the Sun"
Thursday, Jul 01, 2010
Man Is Limited by His Knowledge
Friday, Jul 02, 2010
Friday, Jul 02, 2010
Lefke Hadrah
Friday, Jul 02, 2010
Respect Shaykh's Family
Friday, Jul 02, 2010
Who Will Be Stopped and Questioned
Saturday, Jul 03, 2010
The Wisdom of One Small Ant
Sunday, Jul 04, 2010
Nasheed and Salawat in Lefke
Monday, Jul 05, 2010
Send Us a Savior
Monday, Jul 05, 2010
Wisdom Is to Avoid What Does Not Concern You
Tuesday, Jul 06, 2010
The Perfection of the Full Moon Cannot Be Matched
Wednesday, Jul 07, 2010
Secrets of Grandshaykh's Seclusion
Wednesday, Jul 07, 2010
Mawlid Isra and Miraj Celebration
Wednesday, Jul 07, 2010
Today People Speak Like the Braying of a Donkey
Thursday, Jul 08, 2010
Suhbah Turkish
Thursday, Jul 08, 2010
Du`a of Unity after Ziyarah to Holy Hair of Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam
Thursday, Jul 08, 2010
Remember Your Lord and He Will Be Pleased With You
Friday, Jul 09, 2010
Astounding Blessings of Rajab, Sha`baan, and Ramadan
Friday, Jul 09, 2010
Quran Recitation From Senegal
Friday, Jul 09, 2010
Friday, Jul 09, 2010
Technology Removes the Taste of Mankind's Real Life
Saturday, Jul 10, 2010
True Ones Are Among Us and Must Be Followed
Sunday, Jul 11, 2010
Monday, Jul 12, 2010
Dhikr Is a Heavenly Order
Tuesday, Jul 13, 2010
Is Your Chairman Your Ego or Your True Self?
Wednesday, Jul 14, 2010
Fear Only Your Creator, Who Is The Protector
Thursday, Jul 15, 2010
Where Are the Fatwas Against Shaytan's Sports?
Friday, Jul 16, 2010
Friday, Jul 16, 2010
The Responsibility of Nations Is on Their Leaders
Saturday, Jul 17, 2010
Your Honor Is to Follow Heavenly Ones
Sunday, Jul 18, 2010
Islam Refutes Man-made Theories That Cover the World Today
Monday, Jul 19, 2010
O Prophet! Let Your Sandals Honor My Throne!
Tuesday, Jul 20, 2010
First Is To Surrender, Then Comes Faith
Wednesday, Jul 21, 2010
To Be Blessed with Heavenly Amber
Thursday, Jul 22, 2010
Beauty Is from Obedience and Ugliness Is from Sins
Friday, Jul 23, 2010
Friday, Jul 23, 2010
Jealousy Is the Biggest Curse Coming on Mankind
Sunday, Jul 25, 2010
What Distinguishes the Salaf from Others?
Monday, Jul 26, 2010
Imitate Heavenly Lifestyles
Tuesday, Jul 27, 2010
Western People Hearts Attracted to the Orient
Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010
Allah Almighty's Praise for His Prophet Is Unending
Thursday, Jul 29, 2010
Thursday, Jul 29, 2010
Crisis of Servanthood
Friday, Jul 30, 2010
Friday, Jul 30, 2010
Leave What is Stale for What is Fresh and New
Saturday, Jul 31, 2010
"I Have Created All Things for You, My Beloved"
Sunday, Aug 01, 2010
Technology Cannot Save Anyone
Monday, Aug 02, 2010
O Muslim Governments! Keep Islamic Teachings!
Wednesday, Aug 04, 2010
Reality of the Renaissance
Thursday, Aug 05, 2010
Jumaa Suhbah - part 1
Friday, Aug 06, 2010
Close Your Eyes and See
Friday, Aug 06, 2010
Shaytan's Tricks Distract You from Your Heavenly Oath
Saturday, Aug 07, 2010
Desire of Worldly Wealth Steals Your Faith
Sunday, Aug 08, 2010
Why People Become Tired
Monday, Aug 09, 2010
Trust Only Heavenly Guarantees
Wednesday, Aug 11, 2010
Ramadan Is the Month of Cleanliness
Thursday, Aug 12, 2010
O People, Come and Be Clean Ones!
Friday, Aug 13, 2010
Benefits For Those Who Fast Ramadan
Saturday, Aug 14, 2010
To Be Received in Majesty Oceans
Sunday, Aug 15, 2010
The Nature of Black Magic and Its Antidote
Monday, Aug 16, 2010
Ask Only, "O My Lord! Increase Me in Knowledge"
Tuesday, Aug 17, 2010
The Downfall of Mankind Through Technology
Wednesday, Aug 18, 2010
Only Losers Run after Dunya
Thursday, Aug 19, 2010
Why Allah Subhanahu wa Ta`ala Sends Floods
Friday, Aug 20, 2010
Restoring One Sunnah Can Save the World
Saturday, Aug 21, 2010
Acknowledge Servanthood
Monday, Aug 23, 2010
Limiting Hajj and Not Helping the Poor
Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010
Kings and Leaders: Be Generous with Allah's Subhanahu wa Ta`ala Servants!
Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010
Only Our Charity Protects Us from Heavenly Curses
Thursday, Aug 26, 2010
A Heavenly Warning
Friday, Aug 27, 2010
Use Your Good Understanding to Discern Truth from Falsehood
Saturday, Aug 28, 2010
It Is an Honor to Say "We Are Descended from Adam"
Sunday, Aug 29, 2010
Leave the Shoes of Ego Behind and Come!
Monday, Aug 30, 2010
The Heavenly Value of Happiness
Tuesday, Aug 31, 2010
Sayyidina Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam Never Came Back From Isra and Mir`aj
Wednesday, Sep 01, 2010
Thursday, Sep 02, 2010
Focus on Your Only Goal: Servanthood
Saturday, Sep 04, 2010
The Women Who Lost Themselves in the Beauty of Joseph
Sunday, Sep 05, 2010
Ramadan Prepares Us for the Divine Invitation
Monday, Sep 06, 2010
Heavenly Honor for Gold and Silver
Tuesday, Sep 07, 2010
Qadama Sidq, True Steps Are for Allah
Wednesday, Sep 08, 2010
We Left the Way of Goodness and Still Expect Salvation
Thursday, Sep 09, 2010
Maintain Your Servanthood in the Highest Position
Friday, Sep 10, 2010
Friday, Sep 10, 2010
Wear the Costume Designed in Heavens
Saturday, Sep 11, 2010
How to Slay the Serpent of Desire
Sunday, Sep 12, 2010
Run to Safety Under the Wings of Your Prophet! Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam
Monday, Sep 13, 2010
Come to Hayyaatan Tayyibah, the "Sweet Life"
Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010
From You, to You!
Thursday, Sep 16, 2010
Hope Is Part of Faith
Friday, Sep 17, 2010
We Are Ordered to Share Our Wealth with the Needy
Saturday, Sep 18, 2010
Don't Lose Your Only Chance As It Will Not Return
Sunday, Sep 19, 2010
Your Lord Wants to Honor You!
Monday, Sep 20, 2010
Compete in Goodness
Tuesday, Sep 21, 2010

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